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personal ludiC actions

enGage ludiCity is a participative mobile artwork by UCLA's Center for Research in Engineering, Media and Performance (REMAP). All the activities, generated data, and output are under the direct supervision of Professor Fabian Wagmister (fabian -at- and Director of Technology Research Initiatives, Jeff Burke (jburke -at-

enGage ludiCity is a process-driven cultural performance composed of three distinct stages:
1) ludus constituo ~ personal disruptive ludic actions (June 13-19)
2) ludus locus ~ collective situationist ludic engagement (June 20)
3) ludus meditor ~ dialogic ludic reflection (After June 20)

To participate in stage one, people receive mobile messages (sms) instructing them to engage in playful activities during their daily routine. They are then asked to provide feedback regarding those activities and their approximate location. The gathered collective information is used to generate evolving “collective ludic maps” of Los Angeles. These “collective ludic maps” are the main interactive structure for the following two stages of the project.

To participate in this first stage of enGage ludiCity participants need to register using the form below. No actual names, phone numbers, or email addresses will be made public in any way or form during or after the realization of the project. Participants can opt-out of the project and request all their generated data be deleted by writing to ludicity -at-

We hope you will join us in this exciting, experimental way of engaging Los Angeles. To do so please fill out the form below. If need more information about the project before registering please go to
or write to

participation form

Ludic Fictitious Identity
Please make up a fictitious identity based on how you relate to Los Angeles:

Fictitious Identity Name *
Fictitious Identity Description
Fictitious Identity's Color
Fictitious Identity's Activities in LA
Fictitious Identity's Favorite Places in LA
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Fictitious Identity's Favorite Things about LA
[Separate each with a semi-colon]
Fictitious Identity's Least Favorite Activities in LA
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Fictitious Identity Ludic Intensity
[Defines the intensity and frequency of ludic tasks sent by sms]


Ludic Activity Hours
[Defines the daily time window of participation]
Start hour *

e.g.: 09 for 9:00A
End hour *

e.g.: 16 for 4:00P

About Los Angeles
What Color is LA?
What Shape is LA?
What is LA about?
How does LA feel?

Personal Information
Cell Phone number
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[Will be used by the Situationist Messaging System (sms)]
[Will be used sparingly to inform about the project's progress]
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